Lennox-Gentle Automation specializes in Design, Engineering, and Assembly.  Conforming to the most current industry standards, we provide our customers with complete engineering packages at affordable costs.  Specifically, we can assist you with getting your product from Concept, to computer generated Solid Model, to an Actual Prototype or Machine.


Solid Modeling and Documentation

All projects are designed, modeled and detailed using the latest version of SolidWorks® Parametric Modeling software.  This software allows us to “virtually” build each assembly and check for Form, Fit and in some cases Function (including possible interferences), without ever building an actual physical part.  This process saves the customer both time and money during the design phase of the project.

Utilizing this parametric modeling software we are able to create cleaner, more accurate designs while at the same time providing our customers with a visual model of their design before it is built.  This model allows all levels of customer, from a corporate CEO to a line operator, the ability to interact with the design and suggest changes or improvements without requiring knowledge of three-view orthographic projection or 2D drawing standards.  Opening up the design to employees other than engineers can result in creative changes to a system while giving ownership to all who are involved.

After the completion of each project, all details of every custom component used in the design (including “As-Built” revisions, if applicable) are provided to the customer on digital media (Compact Disks).  In addition to the detailed drawings, all models used in the design are given to the customer with accompanying Bills of Materials (in spreadsheet format) on digital media.

All of our details conform to ASME Y14.5 standards for clear, easy to understand drawings.  Our Bills of Materials contain each component used in a design, whether custom or commercial, and lists its Part Number, Description, Material, and Manufacturer.


Certified SolidWorks® Professionals (CSWP)

All of our engineers, designers, and detailers are Certified SolidWorks Professionals.  The SolidWorks® website defines the CSWP as follows:

“A Certified SolidWorks Professional is an individual that has successfully passed our advanced skills examination. Each CSWP has proven their ability to design and analyze parametric parts and moveable assemblies using a variety of complex features in SolidWorks.”


You will find several of our employees and their certifications listed on the following website:  Certified SolidWorks® Professionals.  We are based in “Colorado” under the “CSWP” pull-down menu.

There are approximately only 100 Certified SolidWorks Professionals in the state of Colorado.


Rates and Other Services

We have the flexibility of structuring our projects on an hourly or per project basis, as needed.

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Other services offered are as follows:

  • Total System Integration
  • Manufacturing, Production, and Assembly Aids/Tools
  • Product and Design Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Machine and Tooling Design
  • Assembly
  • Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Solid Modeling
  • Design Detailing
  • Animated Assembly Documentation and Demonstrations (in .avi format)
  • Photo-Realistic Images of Components, Products, and Assemblies
  • Electrical and Controls Engineering
  • Design, Build and Install Turnkey Automation Systems
  • Invention Prototype and Production Design