Lennox-Gentle Automation, Inc. was originally created to provide Engineers, Inventors, and Manufacturers with a reasonably-priced alternative to the services offered by larger custom engineering companies.  By keeping our overhead low and utilizing the latest technology available in the industry, we have managed to keep competitive and surpass business expectations over the past 20 years.

We endeavor to maintain the highest ethical standards and offer our customers continuous support on every project.  As a result, we have enjoyed long-term relationships with our customers and a high return rate of business.

Satisfied Customers

Our customers are as diversified as our talent in the engineering field. From Product Designers and Inventors, who may need help with their concepts, to the Medical Industry and the U.S. Military who need complete automated solutions, no project is considered “too big” or “too small.”

Our customers and projects include:

  • Product Development Teams
  • Manufacturing/Production
  • Medical Industry Leaders
  • U.S. Military and Military Suppliers
  • Diving Board Manufacturers
  • Prescription and Medication Automation
  • Optical Drive Manufacturers
  • Automotive Engineering Groups
  • Packaging Engineers
  • Inventors

Ancient History

The earliest known ancestor of the Lennox Clan was a Saxon, Arkil son of Egfrith.  Arkil was born in Northumberland, England, May 1045.

When Arkil was 9 years old, and a great cost to his father, he became an apprentice with Giric a silversmith and weapon maker of great renown.

Arkil worked and studied hard, honing his craft, and at 16 he had developed into a highly skilled artisan with a special talent in mystic art of sword making.  At 18 years old Arkil developed a revolutionary method of generating the finest blades and broadswords by a secret forging and manufacturing process that has been passed down in the family from generation to generation.

The swords he crafted were not only extremely well balanced, resilient, and kept their keen edge even after the most arduous use, but were also beautiful works of art.
The superior quality Arkil swords were sought after and highly prized, by the most discerning Knights, they were often cited as the main reason for the total domination of their foes.

Arkil’s interest in the broadsword did not remain with designing and manufacturing the highest quality of broadsword and developing the best manufacturing process and tooling.  He also developed his dexterity and talents, to become one of the greatest broad-swordsman of his day.

He was forced to leave the North of England to live in Scotland in 1070 to escape the devastations of the army of William the Conqueror of England.

Arkil put his vast talent and wealth to good use, he purchased from Malcolm II – King Of Scotland, the custody of the lands of Arrochar, and he increased his wealth by developing a sword and weapons manufacturing factory, and an artisan swordmaker and swordsman training facility.

Arkil personally trained and armed a band of mercenary soldiers which he contracted out to King Malcolm II.  His superior skills with all aspects of the broad sword, and weapon manufacturing, earned him the coveted title of “Thaine of Arrochar.”  Thaine being Celtic for “Sword-bearer” or “Champion” of the King.

Thaine’s brave deeds, his selfless defense of King Malcolm II, caused Malcolm to bestow upon Thaine the charter of the Lennox district (in what is now called Dunbartonshire).  Thaine became the founder of the family bearing that title, and was the first “Laird of Lennox.”

Thaine Lennox lived in the shadows of Ben Lomond, the heather covered blue mountains of the west of Scotland and became the father of many children.  He passed his talent for manufacturing and design, for developing ingenious methods for manufacturing to high quality standards, to his children where it flourished.
This Lennox “tradition of excellence,” which has been passed down through the generations has also been transferred across the world, from the beautiful mountains of Ben Lomond in Scotland to the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the United States of America.

Here in Colorado proud Lennox descendants are continuing their “Quest for Excellence.”

Lennox-Gentle Automation, is located in Golden, Colorado in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains.  Here, John heads the Lennox-Gentle team to maintain the same reputation for high quality engineering and ingenious designs, which are renowned for being simple yet highly effective and reliable.  Providing their customers superior equipment and further developing their “History of Innovation.”