Hazardous Environments

The Lennox-Gentle Automation Inc. team is particularly experienced in all of the areas required for Engineering, Design, Manufacture, Installation and Training in Hazardous Environments.  We are proud of our history of successful projects with many Gas, Flammable Fumes, Flammable Liquids, Pyrotechnic Materials, Energetic Materials and other Hazardous Environment projects for both military and commercial applications.

Our history includes, but is not limited to, the following hazardous environment projects:

Class 1 Division 1 Environments

  • Glaze Apply and Cure Systems
  • Robotic Edge Coat and Cure Cell
  • Gas Testing Systems
  • Petroleum Testing and Refining projects
  • Paint Spraying Systems
  • Fixed and Mobile Oil Field Testing and Maintenance equipment

An example for a Class 1 Division 1 Project is the following Six Axis Robotic Edge Coat and Cure cell.  This System incorporates an Explosion-proof Fanuc Paint-Mate Robot in the Work Cell and it is used to evenly apply a solvent and seal formula to the edge of a series of different profiled parts. The volatile solvent required fume management, specialized containment, controlled agitation, forced air drying and exposure containment, and maintaining a safe working environment for the Operators.

(Robot Dip Cell)

Class 2 Division 1 Environments

  • M715 family of 40mm x 46 Smoke Grenade Rounds Assembly Line
  • M789 30mm HEDP Projectile Assembly and Inspection Systems
  • .50 Cal Case Mouth Sealant Systems
  • M18 Smoke Grenade Assembly Line
  • 120mm Anti-Tank Round Fill and Assembly
  • 81mm WP Rocket Fill and Assembly
  • M485 Illumination Projectile Drill and Pin Assembly
  • Series of Driver Air Bag Generators and Initiators
  • Series of Passenger Air Bag Generators and Initiators
  • XM25 Cartridge Pre-Weigh, Fill and Check-Weigh
  • Series of Squib Manufacturing systems
  • .38 cal .40 cal .45 cal and 9.0mm Loaders

Utilizing Lennox-Gentle’s Simple Slice Automation approach and combining our expertise with Complex assembly lines we created a munitions assembly line in a Class 2 Div 1 environment

(GD Carousel)

Another example for a Class 2 Div 1 environment is .50 cal Seal and UV Cure machine. This machine seals and cures the Cannular joint for up to 120 rounds per minute and incorporates our explosion proof ultraviolet LED Cure systems.

(.50 cal )

The following system, also installed in a Class 2 Div 1 environment, is precision Pre-weigh, Powder Fill, and Check Weigh systems capable of filling 25mm Cartridges at 30 per minutes with +/- 0.002 gm accuracy.


The next system, also installed in a Class 2 Division 1 environment, is an On-Line Precision Leak Tester for Sealed 40 mm Cartridges.