About Us

Lennox-Gentle Automation was established in 1988 with the objective of bringing cost-effective engineering solutions to the Automation arena, with the added benefit of reduced project timelines for our customers.  

With our diverse and talented staff we have the capability to perform all design, engineering, manufacturing and production responsibilities, including project management and complete product development for all sizes and types of jobs.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Core Product Engineering and Design group
  • Core Automation Engineering and Design group
  • Strong Project Management and Engineering group
  • Complete Welding and Fabrication plant
  • Complete Prototype Machining and Tool-Making shop
  • Complete Machine Assembly plant

One Stop Shop

By combining our experience in all fields of engineering with our manufacturing and management resources, we provide the customer with the paramount “One Stop Shop” solution to any problem.

Some of the benefits of using a single supplier include reduced     project/management costs, reduced project timelines, and customer flexibility to make changes with ease.

Whether you are a large company adding a completely automated assembly system to your factory or if you are a single inventor trying to design and prototype your idea, the “One Stop Shop” is the answer to your engineering needs.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

The confidentiality and protection of our customers’ ideas, designs, engineering, and intellectual property is our number one priority.  Our successful history and satisfied customer list demonstrates our commitment to maintaining absolute secrecy and integrity on every project.

We are willing to engage in any fair Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and, by request, assign our Intellectual Property rights on any joint inventions to our customers.